Erie County Fair Grounds Sandusky, Ohio


7:00 P.M.






  1. 5,000#Farm Stock Tractor - 4.0 mph
  2. 6,000# Farm Stock Tractor - 4.0 mph
  3. 7,500# Farm Stock Tractor - 4.5 mph
  4. 6,200# Light Limited Super Stock
  5. 9,000# Farm Stock Tractor - 5.0 mph
  6. 11,000# Farm Stock Tractor - 5.5 mph  
  7. 13,000# Farm Stock Tractor - 6.5 mph


  1. Judges will have final say in any matters that need addressed.
  2. Purse for classes: $300 = 100*80*60*40*20
  3. Speed limits are set for each class. The sled will sound a horn if the tractor exceeds the set speed limit. Once the sled reaches 150 feet if the horn sounds the driver is disqualified.
  4. Tractors are not to exceed 115% of manufacturer engine RPM data. Tractors are subject to a random check. Tractors must have a working governor.
  5. All tractors must weigh-in before each pull or will be disqualified.
  6. No cut or ground tires, no duals or steel driving wheels, rubber bolted to flat steel accepted. No steel crawler tractors.
  7. No weights to exceed more than 13’ from center of rear axle.
  8. Exhaust shall be a minimum of 12 inches above the hood or to the rear of the tractor.
  9. Tractors are to have hood and grill (stock appearing) in place.
  10. Drawbars 20 inches high maximum.18 inch minimum distance from center of rear axle, pull point shall be clevis or horizontal plate with a 4 inch hole or larger. No lifting of hitches under pull.
  11. After drawbars have been measured, drawbar can not be altered and air pressure in tires can not be altered. Drawbars are subject to re-measuring after the pull at the discretion of the track official.
  12. Contestants must be 18 years old or have parents’ written consent.
  13. A tractor may be entered multiple times per class with different drivers; but only one driver will be awarded. Entry Clerks MUST be made aware of the multiple entry at the time of entry or BOTH drivers will be disqualified for the class.
  14. Drivers will draw for position at time of entry.
  15. When staging for your class, if you are not to your tractor after the second call you will be disqualified and not permitted to pull.
  16. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds. Consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to bulling will mean disqualification.
  17. There will be NO smoking in the Grandstand, Arena, or Staging areas.
  18. Contestants will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner or risk being disqualified.
  19. Tractor must remain inbounds or be disqualified.
  20. No intentional jerking or hole digging allowed
  21. Any exposed turbochargers will be shielded by 1/16 inch or thicker metal.
  22. Any loss of weights during a pull, the puller will be disqualified.
  23. The first puller has the option to come back and pull again immediately or drop to the sixth or last spot if not satisfied with pull, puller must decide before unhooked from sled. If mechanical problems, a puller may drop to last position.
  24. Each puller will have 2 attempts to move the sled 75 feet. Second attempt will be measured and official.
  25. Any safety items, such as fire extinguishers or safety blankets, fire jacket and helmet are accepted and highly recommended.  
  26. Tractor is to run on one fuel only, gasoline, LP, or diesel fuel only – no mixing of fuels.
  27. Diesel tractors must have standard injection pump for make and model of tractor.
  28. NO one admitted free at the gate.
  29. Puller must drive on track, hook to sled and drive off track by themselves.
  30. Tractors must have stock engine or manufactured replacement.
  31. All Turbocharged gas engines must run through updraft carburetor.
  32. Weights cannot be behind or on the drawbar or on the three point hitch that interfere with the hooking of the chain to the tractor. No weights are to interfere with the person hooking the tractor to the sled, they must have a clear, unobstructed view of the hitch. 
  33. All tractors must be in neutral or park (transmission selector) while being hitched or unhitched.
  34. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify a tractor if it is not operating in what would be considered a safe manner.
  35. For the 13,000# & 11,000# classes - any tire size up to 30.5-32.
  36. For the 9,000#, 7,500# classes – maximum tire size 18.4-38.
  37. For the 6,000# & 5,000# - maximum tire size 15.5-38.
  38. A $20 entry fee will be required for one tractor with one driver per class. Each additional class entered requires an additional $20 fee.
  39. Erie County Fairgrounds will not be held responsible for accidents or damage to tractors, drivers or spectators.
  40. Can only run tractor in either Farm Stock class or Light Limited Super Stock class – not both.
  41. Violation of any rule shall constitute a disqualification.
  42. All Rules subject to change by Pull Committee.
  43. Any Questions will be answered by Pull Committee.

For more information on the farm stock classes call Mark Stacy 419-656-5126.

2016 Results
5000lbs Farm Stock  -  6000lbs Farm Stock  -  6500lbs Cheater  -  7500lbs Farm Stock  -  8500lbs Cheater  -  9000lbs Farm Stock11000lbs Farm Stock13000lbs Farm Stock