Erie County Fairgrounds

On 100' Concrete Pad

$5,250 Purse



Weight Class    # 5500
Weight Class    # 6500
Weight Class    # 8500


Open class will be all trucks in these classes that are not stock   


Trucks must remain on track after weigh-ins. 
Top 4 trucks will reweigh when class ends.


1.      Trucks must remain on track after weigh-ins *Top 4 trucks will reweigh when class ends

2.      DOT Certified Tires—No Slicks—No Retreads *Disqualified for Over Weight

3.      Pulls will be 10 Feet *Best of 3 Pulls

4.      30” Maximum Draw Bar Height

5.      Must have Sufficient Hitch to Accommodate 1” Pin and have 1” hole diameter in Draw Bar

6.      No Passengers in Vehicle During Pull

7.      Seat Belt (optional)

8.      Pulling off side of pad after 1 warning—forfeits your pull

9.      Start and Stop by signals of Lights

10.    When contest is over if a driver jerks the other driver when told to stop he will be disqualified

11.    No doors can be opened while still running or you will be disqualified

12.    No truck can go in reverse while still competing

13.    If your truck blows a tire while tugging you will be disqualified

14.    One Driver per Truck per class—No Switching Driver after pull starts

15.    Two or Four Wheel Drive vehicles only. - NO Additional Axles Allowed.


Erie County Fairgrounds
3110 Columbus Ave. — Sandusky, OH 44870