The Erie County Fairgrounds is conducted by the Erie County Agricultural Society. This society promotes and encourages agriculture, education, science and other interests of Erie County, which the Board deems proper and in the best interests of the community. The management consists of no more than twenty-five directors. Erie County Ag. Society 3110 Columbus Avenue Sandusky, Ohio 44870. Phone: 419-625-1000 Fax: 419-621-1400

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These events will take place on Tuesday August 10th 2019 as intermission for the Go Kart race.


Lawnmower Derby Rules


Lawnmower Derby Minor Release Waiver


Lawnmower Derby and Go-Kart Race Flyer

Farm Tractor and Truck Pull Rules

Start time 5:30 !!

Interested in the Truck / Farm Tractor Pull click above.

National Tractor Pulling Association Rules

Interested in the  NTPA Tractor Pull, click above.

Lawnmower Derby Rules

Interested in the Lawnmower Derby click above.

Go Kart Race Rules

Interested in the Go Kart Race click above.

Demolition Derby Rules

Interested in the Demoliton Derby, click above.

Truck Derby Rules

Interested in the Truck Derby, click above.

4-H Animal Rules

Interested in taking a 4-h Animal, click above.

Livestock Rules

Interested in taking Livestock, click above.

Jr. Fair rules

Need information for Jr. Fair, click above.

King & Queen

Need information on King & Queen, click above.

Little Prince and Princess

Need information on the rules for, little Prince and Princess click above.

Beautiful Baby Contest

Need information on the rules for, beautiful baby click above.

Jr. Miss Pageant Rules

Need information or the rules for the Jr. Miss Pageant, click above.

Open Class Forums

Need information or the rules for the Open Class, click above.

Rodeo Information

Need information or the rules for the Rodeo, click above.