Erie County Fairgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions



All Day Ride Tickets - $10 Available

Membership Tickets (Erie Co. Resident)……$25.00
Prior to fair opening

This ticket admits one person, 18 years and older.  It provides the privilege of exhibiting and full voting powers in the Society.  This ticket does NOT include rides.


Season Tickets.……………….….………….. $25.00

This ticket admits one person.  It does  NOT include rides. This ticket provides the privilege of exhibiting in the Open Class Shows


Gate Admission. (Does not include Rides) - $7.00

All Day Ride Tickets - $10

Rodeo  Admission- $5.00

NTPA Tractor Pull Admission - $5.00

Tug-A-Truck - $5.00

Lawn Mower Derby - $5.00

Demolition Derby Admission - $5.00

Children height 36 inches and under.… Free

4-H Armbands - $5.00

Cloverbud Members Armbands - $3.00

Ride Stamps available in Ride area


Term Until 2020:

Shane Bilger                          At Large

Ronald Cull                            Milan Twp.

Bryan Duskins                       At Large

Geoffery LaMarca                 At Large

Austin Francis                       At Large

Patrick Thompson                At Large

Otto Kromer, Sr                    Margaretta Twp.  

.                                              Groton Twp*

*Appointee position until next election


Term Until 2019:

Doug Galloway                       At Large

Norman Bilger                        At Large 

Mark Stacy                             At Large

Jodee Gennari                      At Large

Jennifer Gast                         At Large

Doug Burmeister                   At Large

.                                              Huron Twp*

.                                              Florence Twp*


*Appointee position until next election


Term Until 2018:

Mary Musko                         Portland Twp.
                                          (City of Sandusky)

Melissa Graham                     Oxford Twp.

Leo Kaufman                          Berlin Twp.

Robert McDowell                   Perkins Twp.

Charles Trinter                       Vermilion Twp.

Robin Cramer                         At Large

Joseph Trinter                        At Large

James Graham                      At Large

Rita Zorn                                 At Large

*Appointee position until next election.




Ex-Officio Directors

Mary Beth Albright - Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

Donna Green - Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences

Angela Holmes - Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

Julia Nolan Woodruff- Agriculture, Natural Resources, Community Development

Patrick Shenigo- Erie County Commissioner

William Monaghan - Erie County Commissioner

Matt Old - Erie County Commissioner

William Lalle - Superintendent of Schools

Sheriff  -  Paul A. Sigsworth

In Memory of Darlene Bilger - At Large