Erie County Fairgrounds  

Erie County Fair

Power Wheels Demo Rules


• Children of any age may participate as long as they fit safely without modifications.

• The stock battery can be replaced with a 12 volt lawn mower battery only. It can be positioned anywhere inside the vehicle, except for the passenger seat.

• Secure the doors and hood so they do not some open during the race with a bungie, strap or similar method.

• Seatbelts are not mandatory, but are recommended.

• Helmets are mandatory.

• Screws may be added to the tires for traction.


• Derby will last for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, any remaining vehicle will be lined up and will
drag race to a finish.

• This is for fun. Be safe.


BILL MARETT @ 419-681-6121

TOM MOEHLE @419 744-4753

RICH MARETT @ 419 744-7061